Debt Relief

Tips To Cut Your Grocery Bill

Saving money is a major item on everyone’s wish list. Once you have cut your phone bill, managed your cable bill, and reorganized your debt load, it is still possible that you are barely making ends meet. Where do you turn now? Let’s look at ways to cut your weekly grocery bill.

  • The first step is to create a meal plan. Seven days at a time and include lunches, accounting for snacks as well.
  • From that meal plan, create your shopping list. This should cut down on impulse buying. To cut the impulse purchases even further, shop after eating. A full stomach makes those little snacks look less appetizing.
  • Filter your tap water instead of buying bottled. A water filter pitcher and replacement filters can save you almost a hundred dollars per year.
  • Last, cut down on or eliminate your sugary drinks. Soda and sports drinks carry too many calories for you to be able to maintain a healthy weight and are too expensive to really make sense.

If you follow all of these tips, you should be able to keep an extra $25 to $50 in your wallet each week depending on the size of your family.